First blog post

I have lived in Sheffield since 2014 after living in London since 1986 (I’m now 32). I needed new friends when I moved North, so what better way to meet people than to learn to climb in Sheffield. That’s where I met J, one of the very patient instructors who helped me through my first lesson in 30°c heat….I’m surprised we ended up being friends after that sweaty mess.

Like a stray dog I was taken in & made to feel welcome in Sheffield by J, funnily FIVE DOORS DOWN FROM WHERE I LIVE. Many cups of amazing tea & cake later & after sampling her amazing hand made pasta we became firm friends.

Anyway, 3 years later and eating at many restaurants we decided we would like to share our experiences and that’s where the blog comes in. We love food especially when surrounded by friends having fun.

We will be posting about places we’ve eaten at and any interesting recipes we have. There maybe some off topic posts but we will be celebrating great food, great drinks and our fun times together.


P.S. If you want to learn how to climb in Sheffield I would recommend The Foundry Climbing Centre. Such a friendly group of instructors as well as the climbers that use it. You will never be short of a climbing partner if you go alone.

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