Haggis at the Arcade Pub, Edinburgh

It’s 250 miles from Sheffield to Edinburgh and the drive there was worth it for the haggis. I was travelling through Edinburgh on my way to a conference in Aberdeen with 3 friends whom had never been to Scotland. Spending the day on a free 2.5 hour walking tour of Edinburgh in freezing conditions had worked up an appetite. I kept pushing them to try haggis, but I wasn’t sure if the women from Nicaragua, Kansas City & Curaçao would enjoy it.

When you look at the pub from the outside you can’t help but smile at the bright yellow outer walls and walking in you are struck by how warm and quirky the interior is. One side of the pub is the restaurant with standard square brown wooden chairs tucked under similar tables. The fun side of the pub is on the opposite wall with mismatching arm chairs where you can sit back and enjoy the plethora of Scotches on offer whilst you contemplate who came up with fabulous idea of having light bulbs put inside black bowler hats to light the room.

I had my mind made up before I sat down to order haggis which I missed out on having on Burns Night. I have to say we had an absolutely lovely server who was so attentive to us and knowledgeable and passionate about the food (I’m really annoyed I forgot her name).

I’m no expert on haggis but it tasted wonderful. A combination of warming spices and richness with a smooth texture, that was complimented with a little crunch from the crushed neeps and tatties that were below the layer of Campbells Haggis. The rim of balsamic vinegar and pesto cut through the richness to perfection adding a light touch to the dish giving it much needed balance.

I would love to say there wasn’t enough for £11.95 but this dish was incredibly filling leaving me struggling to finish…..very strange as you know I am a big boy that loves my food.

A quick note on the vegetarian haggis which my friend chose which was equally as good with a soya base, but she did enjoy a taste of the traditional haggis and enjoyed it.

Explaining what haggis was after they tasted it was the interesting part and for those who do not know it is the heart, liver and lung of the sheep mixed with oatmeal, spices and onion encased in a sheep’s intestine originally but nowadays in sausage skin.

A lesson to all never be put off by something before trying it.


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