Frehiwet Habesha – Ethiopian resturant in Sheffield

Whilst growing up my mother always said “eat at places where the locals are eating if you want an authentic taste.” That would always be the best way to avoid tourist traps if abroad or any over hyped local restaurants.

As soon as you walk in you’ll be surrounded by Ethiopian & Eritrean locals who know what they’re eating is close to

Don’t be put off by the basic surroundings of heaters dotted around the room, plastic table cloths. All of the basic amenities surrounding you don’t detract from the comforting home cooked food.

Being Sri Lankan, I’m used to eating with my hands & I’m always happy to if given the tiniest opportunity. For me eating eating this way is much more satisfying and curiously making food taste better.

I’ve been to the restaurant twice and both times I have eaten the sharing platter (pictured). You won’t be disappointed & I would recommend this if you’re not sure what to order. There will be variations with what you will be served but if you choose the THE ULTIMATE COMBINATION you will be given a selection of vegetables and 3 different meats YE DORO WOT (chicken), LAMB KEY WOT (lamb), KEY WOT (ZIGNI) (beef) curries served upon INJERA. Injera is a fantastic bread made from teff flour, which is made from a native grass to Ethiopia making it GLUTEN FREE. The bread has a hint of sourness to it which is pleasant when you pair it with the sweetness with some of the vegetable curries such as the lentils and spinach.

It is a must to eat the platter with your hands as this food is about community, friendship & family. Always use your right hand as the left is deemed unclean and never reach across the platter, but rotate it if you want something across from you. Stick with those principals and you’ll be eating like a local.

If you have an adventurous palate then you won’t be disappointed with this small local restaurant, but don’t be put off with the diminutive surroundings as this is a Sheffield gem.

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