San Lorenzo – Crookes

So, it’s taken months but finally I have been able to meet with J for our first blog post together. We decided to head out for dinner to San Lorenzo on Friday night and we were able to get a table for 3 people without any issues. We sat down in the restaurant which has approximately 12-15 tables. On each of the tables, there was a small dish full of olives which was a nice surprise.

Our waitress was very attentive and I have to thank her for the amount of patience she had as I was unable to order our starters on the two occasions she came to our table.

I was torn about what to order myself but my partner ordered the crab, prawn and avocado salad (pictured). This allowed me to pick something smaller as a starter so we could share.

Oh boy that was a terrible decision! I decided to order the garlic bread, which I thought would be three slices, but in fact it turned out to be an 8″ pizza. The foolish thing is that I completely forgot my partner is gluten free & I had also ordered the 12″ pollo carne pizza. Cue all the mocking from J and my partner as now I had two pizzas to eat. Thankfully they had take away boxes which saved me from the indignation of letting the food go to waste.

I quite enjoyed the starter of fresh crab meat and prawn which was quite light as a starter with just enough lemon juice mixed with the fish in order to lift the avocado, with the sweet balsamic vinegar reduction balancing the dish. This was the highlight of the evening for me. The garlic bread and pizza were both thin crust and the pizza had a generous helping of toppings.

What would be a nice addition to the menu would the ability to make a gluten free pizza or pasta dish as these were not available on the menu, but there were other carb free options.

My verdict of the restaurant is that it is good value for money with friendly warm service and the fact that it is “bring your own wine” is a bonus.


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