Butcher & Catch – Broomhill, Sheffield

This restaurant was opened in 2017 and it has taken me some time to sit down there. I finally ended up there on a 2nd date after lectures. It’s quite a lovely space and this is what they want according to their bio. It’s refreshing to have another independent restaurant in Sheffield, especially when the meats are locally and responsibly farmed and the fish is local and sustainable.

The wooden aged tables as well as the wooden unvarnished walls make this restaurant seem like a fish shack that just serves good honest food, and that’s what I got with my starter of the oysters main of  stuffed squid with saffron and lemon risotto (pictured).

Perfectly cooked with a nice char on the side and the rice was creamy with a lovely yellow colour that complemented the char on the squid.

My date had the moules mariniere which was a good portion for the price. The sauce was creamy and vibrant with a kick of citrus to make you feel less guilty for your over indulgence.

There are frills when it comes to your surroundings as it is all about the food. The place mats are the paper menu which is a handy reference for when you want to order more food, which you will want to.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant & I’m not really sure why I haven’t gone back to try some of the meat dishes.

I guess I will wait until J is back off her world tour.

Reservations at http://www.butcherandcatch.co.uk/

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