KerbEdge – Sheffield

This is a strange post for me as I am trying to avoid writing about chains as I do believe in independent eateries. Thankfully this is only one of 2 restaurants in the chain started by some Yorkshire locals.

The main reason I am posting about KerbEdge is because of their  impressive move away from single use plastics and paper wrapping from trees on their menu.

The resturant is relatively new, opened in February 2018 after their flagship opened in Hull. Interestingly they made the big leap from working from a food truck to opening a restaurant which is successful so far if they are able to open a second restaurant.

They are conveniently located within the West One Plaza opposite Devonshire Green and the quirky interior does attract foot fall. With a retro games console in one corner and an American pool table in the other you get the feeling this is a relaxed environement to eat, and this is clearly the case with the ever present and very welcoming staff.

The menu is quite simple at this American style burger restaurant and their main attraction is the loaded chips……be warned this could be a meal in itself (pictured).

What we have in the picture is the “Posh Cheesey Chips” which is topped with grated cheddar, parmesan and garlic mayo. Thankfully it wasn’t overloaded making you feel overly sick. It is generously topped but the chips below are left untouched. Trust me…there is enough sauce to last the whole portion amking it value for money.

The other set of chips are the “Nacho Chips” which is topped with a perfectly seasoned guacomole, which I ordered to get my 5 a day in cheekily.

The pictured burger is the “Weekend at Bernie’s” which is far from a dead choice (classic 80’s film reference). A lovely moist beef patty served with their home made Bernaise sauce. There was a slight warming spiciness that comes through from the montery jack cheese but is balanced well with the sauce.

Thankfully all their menu options can be tailored to be gluten free and the bun that you see is their option otherwise you would be eating it with a brioche bun.

The paper and boxes that you see in the picture decompose quickly as they are made from sugar paper and the straws/cutlery are themselves made from a sugar pulp.  This is very important to consider since the publication of a UN report suggesting that we have 12 years to make changes as a planet to prevent further destruction of our home.

I would definitely recommend trying Kerb Edge but would consider sharing the loaded chips between 2 people and trying a burger each. For the calories you would be taking on board you could feel better that you were reducing your plastic usage.

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